Singer, Songwriter, Multi-Instrumentalist

Session drummer turned eclectic songwriter, jp spent years cruising along at the back of local bands playing any style of music he could poke his sticks at. After cutting his teeth and doing his time laying down grooves and co-writing band-songs, jp has risen from his drum throne to get a view from the front of the stage – it's time to lead his own band with his own songs.

With an immense passion for worldly rhythms, beautiful melodies and 90s guitar bands, jp has influences as diverse as George Clinton P-Funk, Fela Kuti Afrobeat and Brazilian Bossa Nova. With his debut EP he fuses this myriad of sounds into four distinct pop-songs that you can dance, sing-a-long, make love and break up to. All of these quirky tunes were written late into the night after gigs and sessions when all in his apartment building were soundly sleeping; they share themes and elements of yearning, longing, lonely evenings and wanting to go to bed.

jp's live band is made up of some his favourite session-musicians. They are a diverse gaggle, as interesting and eclectic as the music they have been brought together to play, with backgrounds in Jazz, Rock, Dub, Pop and more.

Next live performance:
*March 25th 2017 - Join us for the EP launch at The Fitzroy Pinnacle, Fitztroy North, Melbourne
4:00pm - 7:00pm. FREE ENTRY

*Print off the A3 black and white picture on the left for some therapeutic colouring fun. Bring your best effort along on March 25th for the chance to win a prize!

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